Solutions for Environmental Monitoring

Want to make decisions that save lives?
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Coastal Management

Monitoring sea level changes and protect coastlines with tide gauge stations


Coastal Protection Engineering

Water acoustics, currents & waves

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Digital Documentation

3D Scanning & Modeling of vital infrastructures 


Machine Alignment

Geometric measurements and alignment the easy way


Who we are

METRICA Ltd is an independent Cyprus company founded in 2017.
The company offers metrology solutions for Environmental, Industrial & AEC applications.
Affiliated with Athens, Greece-based METRICA SA, METRICA Ltd utilizes the experience and technical knowledge of personnel for more than 30 years.
Our exceptional technical expertise and solutions seamlessly integrate hardware, software, and services
across an unmatched range of monitoring applications.

Instrumentation for Hydrology applications


Throughout the environmental water cycle of precipitation, surface water, groundwater, coastal and everything in between, we offer high-quality & reliable solutions ranging from portable stations to fully autonomous measuring networks integrated with flexible telemetry options. 

Λύσεις για παρακολούθηση μετεωρολογικών παραμέτρων


We offer a wide variety of instrumentation of high-quality ranging from portable stations to fully autonomous measuring networks for meteorological monitoring.
Our solutions are fully customized according to the prerequisites of the application. 

Ωκεανογραφικοί σταθμοί και λύσεις παρακολούθησης υποθαλάσσιων παραμέτρων


High quality solutions for spot measurements, profiling, monitoring in ocean water / coastal applications, multi parameter water quality surveys, wave / current measurements, underwater noise monitoring, oil spill detection, geophysical & geotechnical surveys.

Γεωμετρικοί έλεγχοι, 3D Scanning & Modeling, Ευθυγραμμίσεις μηχανών κ.α.

Power & Plant

We offer instrumentation & measurement services in almost any industrial application that includes alignment inspection or as-built documentation. Applications vary, from 3D scanning & BIM to the geodetic support of almost any industrial assembly and the reporting of the consistency with prescribed tolerances.

Γεωμετρικοί έλεγχοι, 3D Scanning & Modeling, Ευθυγραμμίσεις αξόνων


We offer metrology solutions & services to naval architecture and marine engineering, where 3D documentation is critical for designing, constructing, inspecting, repairing, and installing various onboard systems. Also, alignment is crucial for marine propulsion systems, such as propeller shafts, pods and water jets.

Μετρητικές λύσεις και υπηρεσίες για τον κατασκευαστικό κλάδο


Our team captures manmade structures, natural formations, and below-water objects to create the most current and accurate maps. Whether you need to map an entire city or create a detailed GIS, our state-of-the-art 3D mapping services – aerial, terrestrial, and underwater - provide the most accurate data.

Want to find a tailor-made solution to your needs?


We offer high-quality & reliable solutions for applications in Hydrology, Meteorology, Oceanography, and Industrial Metrology.

The metrics/applications/services we offer concern:

  • Selection of the appropriate equipment/solutions/services according to the project's requirements
  • Training
  • Installation, maintenance, and technical support 
  • Development of web applications and software solutions for environmental data management
  • Data services


Combining advanced technology solutions, years of experience & innovative methodology, METRICA offers high-value metrology measurements for industrial and marine sites, shipyards and offshore installations, architecture, heritage, and large-scale urban projects. Our services include
•    3D Scanning & Modeling
•    Mobile Mapping Surveys
•    Aerial Mapping Surveys
•    Bathymetry Surveys
•    Dimensional Analysis & Quality Control
•    Machine Alignment

Our latest news

🌊 Proud Announcement 🌊
We are thrilled to announce that METRICA is the official supplier for the radar tide gauge station in Limassol for the needs of the CUT Laboratory of Geodesy! 🌍🌊...

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