Architectonic & mechanical as built survey of UAG building

As-built survey in UAG building

This is a 3D Scanning project of a 4,000m² industrial building (UAG) with final deliverables of architectural and mechanical drawings. A team of eight engineers accomplished fieldwork in five days using state-of-the-art equipment.  A group of three engineers finalized office work in two months.


  • The heavy daily and uninterrupted working schedule of the logistic station.
  • The areas of interest were full of packages and other objects that reduced the available visibility levels.
  • Some rooms or parts of them were inaccessible due to security reasons.


The first action was to place hundreds of black and white targets all over the building's interior. These marks were well recognizable, and they had the size of A3 paper size. We placed 600 targets in total. Additionally, our team used four smaller targets to offer additional constraints to continuous scans. The building was covered through almost 800 laser scanner setup positions, capturing over of 7 billion points. Also, we created a coordinate system to align all point clouds and enhance the final achieved accuracy.

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