Alignment Services

Turbine cells & bearing alignment

Due to extended wear on the turbine shaft and bearings our team performed alignment measurements using Easy laser systems. Additionally, in cooperation with Easy Laser experts, we offered on the job training to PPC personnel on Easy Laser technology to use the equipment in a variety of applications. Challenges The daily working schedule of the power plant Working inside a Gas-Turbine with little access and obstacles slowed down the processes. Training Mr Prosper Chekroun, an Easy Laser Application Engineer and Instructor on Turbine Alignment trained PPC personnel in Easy Laser Turbine Alignment System E 960B on behalf of METRICA. The training lasted five working days. The team of engineers who attended the practice is now a team of certified Easy Laser operators who can complete any field measurement.

Lavrion, Greece
Easy Laser Turbine Alignment E960B
Easy Laser Machine Tool E940
Easy Laser Shaft Alignment E710
Total time spent:
20 days
Reports & Diagrams