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Multibeam sonar is a common offshore surveying tool that uses multiple sound signals to detect the seafloor. Because of its multiple beams, it is able to map a swath of the seabed under the ship, in contrast to a single beam sonar which only maps a point below the ship.
Multibeam systems are essential for supporting decision-makers in prioritizing actions, inspecting subcontractors, monitoring dredging processes, identifying hazards, keeping track of changes, recording infrastructure etc.
Their use reduces field time by over 70% while providing detailed three-dimensional surface models of the seafloor.


  • Shallow Water Bathymetry

  • Pipeline Surveys

  • Pond, River and Estuary Surveys

  • Harbor and Lake Surveys

  • USV & UUV Ready

  • High Resolution Multibeam-Sidescan

  • Hydrographic surveys

  • Structural inspections

  • Naval applications

  • Marine biodiversity studies

Bridge inspection with multibeam echo sounder
River inspection


Norbit Multibeam System
Compact and high-resolution curved array bathymetric mapping system by NORBIT.This     all-in-one     tightly     integrated     broadband     multibeam     turnkey     solution    offers    high    resolution    bathymetry    over    a    wide    swath.    The   high-end   sonar   with   Applanix   WaveMaster   II   (globally   leading   GNSS/INS   system)   embedded   into   the   unit   ensures   fast   and   reliable   mobilisation and highest quality sounding for surveys in all conditions. The  WBMS-series  are  based  on  a  flexible  sonar  platform  that  utilizes  the  latest  in  analogue  and  digital  signal  processing.  With  broad  R&D  expertise,  NORBIT  has  developed,  from  the  ground-up,  exciting  new  technology  that  allows existing and new applications to benefit from the advantages offered by a compact wideband curved-array multibeam sonar.Supported by DCT (Data collection Tool) for data acquisition.


  • Multibeam Sonar with Integrated Inertial Navigation System & Integrated NTRIP Client

  • 80kHz Bandwidth

  • Roll-stabilisation

  • Backscatter outputs (Intensity, Sidescan, Sidescan Snippets, Snippets, Water Column)

  • Multidetect✓Simple Ethernet Interface

  • Integrated Sound Velocity Probe✓Hydrodynamic Fairing

  • Mounting Bracket Included✓FM & CW Processing

  • Flexible Power✓Exceeds IHO Special Order, CHS Exclusive Order & USACE New Work


The NORBIT WINGHEAD i77h is an ultra-high resolution curved array bathymetric system, designed for rapid anywhere anytime mobilization featuring the highest standard industry leading integrated GNSS/INS positioning system.
The  NORBIT  WINGHEAD  i77h  is  a  compact  ultra-high  resolution  curved  array  broadband  multibeam  sonar  offering  tight integration with GNSS/INS (Applanix OceanMaster) that is designed for use in the most demanding operational environments  such  as  under  bridges  or  in  rough  sea  conditions.  Characterised  further  by  a  small  form  factor;  low  power  draw  and  tight  integration,  WINGHEAD  i77h  installation  can  occur  on  surface  survey  platforms  ranging  from  small USVs to large vessel permanent hull mounts. Supported by DCT (NORBIT Integrated Data Acquisition Software) for efficient survey data acquisition.


NORBIT’s bathymetry solution now includes data acquisition (DCT), this survey utility tool aims to simplify standard bathymetry survey operations. The bathymetry grid is displayed in a web browser allowing quick indication of the coverage and data quality in real-time while running the survey.
DCT is especially suitable for small boats and single-person operations as well as USV’s with low-bandwidth radio connectivity to the operator. DCT can be operated from a simple touch screen of a navigation plotter, tablet, smartphone, or PC and offers lean web browser accessible tools to efficiently plan the survey mission. With a tap of a finger or by a mouse click, users can draw lines, generate several wing lines with given spac-ing in just seconds. Each line can be adjusted, moved, rotated, resized, or deleted as needed. The available real-time displays in DCT are depth, sounding density, backscatter, and standard deviation. All four displays run concurrently on one, or several clients, e.g. skipper can view depth display and surveyor, or QA remote assistant can view standard deviation and sounding density display.
With the simple user interface DCT comes with a powerful data sharing capabilities based on PostGIS and GeoServer frameworks. DCT supports standard WMS and WFS protocols offering seamless integration with GIS software such as QGIS and other for immediate data access and further processing in any user workflow.



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Case Study


Demonstration of Multibeam iWBMSh, NORBIT Subsea, PATRAS PORT

METRICA S.A. in collaboration with Norbit Subsea carried out a live demonstration for applications related to Berth Clearance and Pier Inspection using the Norbit iWBMSh compact multibeam system combined with Leica ScanStation P40.
The demo was held in Port of Patras.

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